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Selected publications by John Rodenburg on the subject of diffractive imaging and related techniques.

When I started working in this subject area, the term 'diffractive imaging' did not exist. My interest has been concerned with solution of the phase problem in the context of a moving source of illumination, as is commonly found in the imaging geometry of the scanning transmission electron microscope. Nowadays, the term diffractive imaging, or coherent diffractive imaging (CDI), has been applied to the 'single-shot diffractive imaging problem': that is, the question of solving for the phase of a single diffraction pattern by using a-priori information about the limited size of the object function. In fact, the moving illumination diffraction problem contains much more phase information, although the best way to extract it was not obvious until recently. This source of information is sometimes called 'ptyographical' information. The word 'ptychography' was coined by Hoppe and Hegerl in the early 1970s, deriving from the Greek word for 'fold'. The principle was originally described as a solution to the crystalline phase problem, but can be extended to continous objects, say via Wigner distribution deconvolution, which I originally developed with the late Richard Bates, or variants (such as the 'half-roe dash' - or Bragg-Brentano sub-set approximation, suitable for weak, kinematical objects). My more recent work has centred on the application of iterative methods to this rich data set.

The great potential advantages of ptychographical imaging in the case of electrons is that it is not so subject to the problem of instabilities and partial coherence as conventional imaging. It does need a good quality lens (difficult to manufacture for atomic-scale wavelengths): the reason that it overcomes the lens-imposed resolution limit in the electron microscope. Furthermore, it gives a direct measure of the phase induced into the wavefield passing through an object: this has many potential application in visible-light microscopy, such as imaging cells with very high contrast.

Ptychography relying on iterative solution methods has recently become quite widely employed in the field of X-ray imaging.

It has recently demonstrated that the resolution of the very best electron lenses can be overcome using electron ptychography . I wrote a short commentary on this, see Nature News and Views

Interested readers new to this area would be advised to start with the articles marked with '*'. I'm afraid I'm not very good at keeping this page up to date.

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Copyright J M Rodenburg