Electron microscopy guide


TEM alignment

STEM alignment

Wave interference


Diffractive imaginging


Learn to use a TEM quickly...

  1. A single lens: get hands-on experience right from the start
  2. Understand shift and tilt
  3. : this is how we correct misalignments. We also practice adjusting an aperture position
  4. Two or more lenses: understand how the microscope magnifies and learn how to take an image
  5. The gun: learn how to turn on the beam
  6. The condenser system: understand how to align two lenses
  7. Astigmatism
  8. : Learn to adjust this important variable
  9. The objective lens: understand the heart of the electron microscope, and how the other lenses fit above and below the objective
  10. Eucentric height: all about where the specimen sits
  11. Pivots points: understand why you have to get those two blobs to be coincident
  12. Diffraction mode: understand the next most important mode after 'image mode'
  13. .
  14. The schemetic diagram
  15. : Understand the entire microscope
  16. Twin objective lens
  17. : Understand the pre-field and other realities
  18. The computer
  19. : What I love to hate...
  20. Alignment schedules
  21. : and other alignment hints
  22. The vacuum system:
  23. In brief
  24. Gun tilt
  25. : A more advanced discussion
  26. Focussing the diffraction pattern
  27. : more advanced details
  28. Homepage
  29. : With sections on STEM alignment and elementary theory of electron interference

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